Commercial Moving

mudanças comerciais curitiba

Brazil Lines has extensive experience in commercial changes and has specialized professionals to carry out planning and meet the most diverse needs without compromising the smooth running of organizations.



First we inspected the site, surveyed the cubic footage, aimed at the material to be used and after having this information in hand, we prepared a proposal, where we will be offering the easiest and safest way to carry out the service in a way that does not interfere with the smooth progress of the company. If necessary we work after business hours, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

We use specific packaging material for commercial change. Our label and inventory system keeps the entire moving process well organized and the savings generated by its greater efficiency in handling and occupying spaces generate a reduction in the time of moving.


We work with qualified and experienced teams, we make everything easier to conduct this process and minimize as much as possible the impact of the change in the company's activities.

Our professionals will always be accompanied by at least 01 coordinator both at the origin and at the destination. Through the coordinator it is possible to centralize all doubts and orientations.


We use cardboard boxes with reinforced structure to accommodate office supplies, computers, monitors, telephones and all are previously packaged in the bubble. We also use plastic boxes with a sealing system to accommodate employees' expedient materials.

Check out the main advantages of this plastic box model below:

  • Business changes need to be fast, efficient and should not give rise to unforeseen circumstances.

  • The use of plastic boxes brings countless benefits for commercial changes. In this type of change, your employees are of great importance. They will pack most of your work materials, files and personal effects.

  • With plastic boxes they will do this in much less time. These boxes do not need to be assembled and as they are stackable they take up much less space, allowing you to keep workspaces operational for longer.

  • With the seal closure system, the plastic boxes offer much greater security for valuables and important documents that need to be transported.

  • Plastic boxes are made of recycled material and are recyclable. Its recycling cost is much lower than that of cardboard.

“Speed, security and economy are advantages that no company can do without. How much
the more effective your change, the faster your operations will return to normal, to
benefit of its employees and customers ”.

(source: Mude Verde)


We have professionals to carry out the assembly of all the furniture dismantled by us at the origin,

as long as they fit normally without the need to drill, saw or add any other part.


We have a team of trained professionals equipped with hydraulic and directional trolleys, equipped with
rubber wheels. We take due care in loading and unloading operations, as well as
distribution of furniture inside the commercial property. If necessary, we can provide a vehicle to carry out exclusive transport of special items.


At the destination, our employees will unpack and remove the material used in the
packaging as well as the distribution of all the change in the new address obeying the layout


If you need space, Brazil Lines has its own warehouse to store your company's furniture, documents and inventory. Check out more about the Furniture Guard service.

Get in touch with us and request a visit, we will expose our works and projects carried out for reference.

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