Brazil Lines believes that each object in your home represents a registered page of a lived moment, and with that thought we work to offer our specialized service with total security , as we will be handling your most precious asset, be it of estimated or sentimental value and so on. helping to add pages that together form the story of his life.

Company Profile

Brazil Lines was founded in 1986, serving companies, professionals, executives and families always with personalized services.

Each service is designed to achieve customer satisfaction at all stages of the moving process.

Employees receive continuous training aiming at the best market practices and the implementation of new technologies.


By understanding that we participate in your future, it is that we are respected by our past, reaffirming every day our competence and the guarantee of your tranquility .



Ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind by offering a specialized moving service with total security.


Become a reference company for the management, organization and execution of removal services.


  • Total customer satisfaction;

  • Continuous improvement;

  • Zeal for the client's goods;

  • Mutual respect;

  • Maintain Partnerships.