Living in Fortaleza

Living near the beach is the dream of many people, after all, the sea has a great fascination in the lives of some people.

This may explain the fact that the Brazilian Northeast is one of the preferred destinations, not only for holidays, but also for living after retiring or even looking for a job or undertaking in the region. And, thus, Fortaleza ends up being one of the most sought after destinations, because besides being a beach city, it has all the amenities of a capital city.

And the capital of Ceará deserves the choice, since it is among the largest GDPs in the country, occupying the tenth position in the Brazilian ranking. If we count only the capitals, Fortaleza gains a position, being in the ninth place.

This good position in the national ranking attracts many investments, causing the city to grow in several sectors, thus increasing the possibility of better jobs and salary.

But despite this development, tourism is still one of the main sources of income to the city. Also, in a city bathed by the ocean and which has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, this could not be different. For this reason, some services end up having a high cost, since local business and traders want to take advantage of some of the money left by tourists.

So, if you are going to live in Fortaleza and don't want to spend a lot, the tip is is avoid famous area wich definitely will have dense tourist traffic, especially in the high season months, between July and August and between December and February. But it is important to remember that, even with prices slightly above the market, it is nothing exorbitant and you cannot take advantage of it.

In addition, Fortaleza has a very significant cultural life, hosting different types of music, theater and cinema festivals throughout the year. These presentations usually take place at the "Dragão do Mar" event center, which also houses the Museum of Contemporary Art and the planetarium of the city.

The local handicrafts are also very appreciated, not to mention the various artists, mainly humorists, who have achieved prominence throughout Brazil.

Obviously, being a metropolis, Fortaleza also has some problems, such as traffic, which, depending on the day and time, congests. Crime, as in the rest of the country, also requires care, so it is worth that old advice, that is, taking care when walking on the street, especially carrying bags and cell phones, and avoiding deserted places. But, as already mentioned, this is a problem for the country as a whole.

Anyway, Fortaleza is passionate and, for sure, it will be a great home. So, if you intend to move there, count on Brazil Lines to make your move. Our employees are extremely effective and competent and, for sure, we will take care of your things as if they were ours!

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